art by mandy meow

Mandy Meow is a not for profit sector worker who loves crochet and animals. She lives north of Melbourne with her partner, 3 cats and 3 dogs in perfect harmony. Mostly.

You can read more about the furmily here.

Art By Mandy Meow was initially a crochet store born from a desire to spend all her free time sitting with pets, watching Netflix. Since opening her store, Mandy has branched out to digital art, prints and any other arts and crafts which entertain her at any given time.

Her interests inspire her art. Such interests include; animal rights, feminism, politics and body positivity.

This blog aims to bring those interests together in one place.

Mandy only uses acrylic and other man made fibres to ensure that all her products are vegan and cruelty free.


2 thoughts on “art by mandy meow

  1. A woman of many talents! I’m always impressed by people who seem to be able to do it all. I can barely manage to talk and walk at the same time lol

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